Farg og Graf is run by

Katharina & Christian
Indre Hatlen 25
6016 Ålesund

Currently we only accept payments via PayPal or cash if you pick up your order at our place. We ship worldwide and process every order as soon as it's placed and usually hand it to the post office the next work day. Please note that shipping from Norway may take a couple of days depending on where you live.

Everything about this project is done by us ourselves and goes through our hands. We design every item, carve every linoleum block, form every lump of clay, draw every streak, fold every envelope and develop this site.
We print our copied prints on quality 180g/m² Bristol paper and ship posters starting from A4 in rolls to ensure they arrive unspoiled. Prints on A5 and smaller come in a sturdy, enforced envelope. In case you've got any questions you can drop us a mail anytime.